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Design Package Review
If we cannot reduce your risk or save you money, we will give you a 100% refund.

we will have our professionals review your designs for Functionality, Fit for purpose, Buildability, Omissions, costs and risks , saving you time and money.

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The benefits you will receive from your design review are:

  • Full detailed report – that you can use to rectify any of the issues outlined and take to the builder for further negotiation
  • 1-hour telephone strategy session – advising of the findings and what is the best path to proceed on
  • Fit for Purpose– Reducing design error risks and making sure that the design reflects your requirements and lifestyle.
  • Buildability – We make sure that the design that has been proposed is easily buildable and therefore not increasing the cost due to design features; if issues are found, we suggest alternative options. 
  • Functionality – Design plans are great for describing the scale and size of the spaces inside the home, how the rooms of the home fit together and how the flow between them works. We analyse these volumes to ensure your house is the right size for you and your family; we review how each room flows and how they are affected by the natural light and artificial light provided. 
  • Omissions – We often find things that are entirely missing from drawings that should be there to make for a functional, usable, and pleasant home, we advise of these omissions and give options and the best course of action to rectify these. 
  • Cost savings – We give options where costs could be saved without inhibiting the design and functionality. We also advise on costs that can be negotiated with the builder before contract signing and items that can be taken out of the contract to be completed more cost-effectively elsewhere.
  • Design – We give you options where the design can be amended that will make for a better outcome, greater building end value and overall nicer place to live.
  • Risks –  Your risks are highlighted in the design that may cause issues throughout the build, when occupied, or for future sale.

Free Project Timeline worth $500

As part of the package you have engaged us for, you get a comprehensive Project Timeline  highlighting all the stages your project will go through, what information should be prepared and you should receive, what approvals you will need and what authority will be used for each stage.

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"I have had the pleasure in engaging Projective DM’s Gareth Barrett on a number of complex and sizable projects. Gareth bridges design management with a strong commercial understanding of the project as a whole. Projective DM have worked across the spectrum of development projects be that achieving significant Value Engineering in the pre-development phase to ensure initial project feasibility through to quality and aesthetic control at the final stages of delivery, their strength is in thinking like an owner whilst maintaining program and cost parameters. "