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Plan Review

Based on your brief we’ll have our professionals review your designs for: Functionality – Fit for purpose – Buildability – Omissions, this can save you time and money by getting the design right first time.

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Review of Completed Design

  • Are your designs completed and you are unsure?
  • Will these bring value to your build?
  • Do you need to do a cost saving?
  • Do you need your builder to reduce its total price?
  • Do you have any Planning conditions to achieve?

Our experts are here to help you achieve these and more.

The process is simple. Choose one of our three packages and submit your details to us. You will be sent an email with upload details for your plans. Hit the contact us button if you have any questions prior to that.

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Plan Review Options

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"I used BuildSmart Projective to undertake a plan and contract review for the four houses I am developing.

Without their input I would have been exposed to thousands in costs that I was not even aware of. They highlighted numerous issues with my plans and contract from inconsistencies to omissions. They also highlighted areas of the design that could be altered what would make for a more efficient and saleable plan while not affecting the approved Development Application.

The review gave me the information I needed to approach my contractor tighten up the price, remove the highlighted risk items and save thousands off the project build cost"