This statement provides guidelines for the acceptable use of BuildSmart Projective’s systems data and Internet communications

BuildSmart Projective subscribers and connecting networks are advised that the acceptable use policies of other networks are applicable and must be respected. BuildSmart Projective subscribers must take responsibility for their actions on the BuildSmart Projective system and the systems accessed through it.

Subscribers to BuildSmart Projective services must:

  • make themselves aware of and respect the legislative provisions, conventions, guidelines and culture of the Internet and, where in doubt, to enquire with BuildSmart Projective
  • Conform with BuildSmart Projective Acceptable Use Guidelines detailed below
  • Take responsibility for their actions when using BuildSmart Projective facilities and resources.
  • Take responsibility for distribution, publication and enforcement of the BuildSmart Projective Acceptable Use Policy at their sites. In addition, each BuildSmart Projective subscriber shall provide this policy to appropriate administrative authorities at all sites connected to theirs via connections not directly supported by BuildSmart Projective.


Following is a list of actions which are defined as being contrary to acceptable usage. This list is non-exclusive. Any action about which there is any doubt should be referred to BuildSmart Projective for evaluation. Actions which constitute unacceptable usage include, but are not limited to:

  • Security Violation Any unauthorised use of accounts, computers or the Network by a BuildSmart Projective subscriber in order to make or attempt unauthorised entry to other accounts, computers, communications devices or other resources, whether or not the attacked resource belongs to BuildSmart Projective, will result in action against the attacker. This includes:
  • unauthorised security probing activities or other attempts to evaluate the security integrity of a network or host system without permission
  • attempting, in any way, to interfere with or deny service to any subscriber or any host on the Internet
  • attempting to cancel, supersede, or otherwise interfere with email or posts other than that of the subscriber
  • intentionally seeking information on, obtaining copies of or modifying files, other data or passwords belonging to other subscribers without permission
  • propagation of computer worms or viruses
  • Resource Usage No system has limitless resources so subscribers must act responsibly and fairly to other subscribers when using shared BuildSmart Projective resources. 


BuildSmart Projective will review any alleged violations of the Acceptable Use Policy on a case-by-case basis. Violations of the policy may result in the immediate suspension and/or termination of any or all BuildSmart Projective services without notice and the forfeiture of all monies paid to BuildSmart Projective to date. Action will also be taken to recover any costs and/or damages incurred by BuildSmart Projective as a result of actions contrary to the terms of this policy. Evidence of illegal or prohibited activities may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities.

    • Steps taken against violator:
      • Service suspended
      • AUP sent to the subscriber for confirmation and return
      • Service remains suspended until confirmation obtained
      • Service closed should confirmation not be received
      • Charges invoiced for costs involved
      • Non payment referred for recovery
    • Costs involved:
      • Receipt of notice of suspected violation, $40.00
      • Studying proof provided: reviewing network logs and relating to reports, $80.00
      • When violation is proven: service suspended, $160.00
      • Subscriber sent notification of Violation, requested to change password, $40.00
      • Receipt of acceptance of AUP, resumption or closure of service, $40.00


To report a violation of BuildSmart Projective’s Acceptable Use Policy (this document), please send details, including a complete copy of the article or e-mail message, to [email protected] 


BuildSmart Projective reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Subscribers will receive (email) notification of such modifications 30 days prior to their effective date.