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We Make Building Easy

Our expert tools and techniques help you deliver your project on time and on budget.


The BuildSmart Toolkit

Building can be a fun and rewarding experience with the right guidance. We have combined years of architecture, construction, and design management experience into a key set of tools and guides to streamline the build process.
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The Home Building Masterclass

Our masterclass provides in-depth training on the various stages of the build process, giving you the confidence to undertake every phase of your development.

What you can expect:

  • A hands-on, results-based approach that works WITH you on your custom plan.
  • A long-term sustainable relationship.
  • A long-range vision that puts the disjointed pieces together into a workable system.
  • Timeless principles that give you back your time and sanity while helping you achieve big leaps
  • A strong support system that guides you through the strategy, mindset, and implementation to help you create your home.

Meet Us

Gareth Barrett

Gareth brings 25 years of design and construction experience to the BuildSmart Projective. He has worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from house extensions to internationally-listed retail property businesses, and has also set up both an architectural practice and a construction company.

Gareth’s love of design and construction started with Lego. His childhood interest in house construction turned into adolescent holidays spent on construction sites. He then studied architecture at university, which led him to set up his own architectural practice. When he felt clients could receive better deals from contractors, he set up a construction company as well managing their teams onsite on all projects.

Now, he is invested in helping you create successful building projects through BuildSmart Projective.

Gareth Barrett
Anca Barrett

Anca Barrett

Anca brings extensive knowledge and 13 years of working experience in Architecture and Construction to BuildSmart Projective. She has worked on a variety of projects, including hospitals, transports, and mixed-use.

Anca has built and project managed her own residential projects, the latest being a 4 apartments Short term Holiday stay. Anca has designed, project managed the build, has started the Holiday Stay business and successfully managed the business for a year prior to sale.

Anca learned about design and construction from an early age as her mother served as a construction manager and then started a surveying business.

Anca’s time spent on construction sites or assisting with surveys and documentation preparation led her to study Architecture and Technology of Design at the University in London. After graduating, she worked for various large corporations before joining Gareth to set up their Architectural and Construction Practice in London.

"I used Projective DM to undertake a plan and contract review for the four houses I am developing.

Without their input I would have been exposed to thousands in costs that I was not even aware of. Projective DM highlighted numerous issues with my plans and contract from inconsistencies to omissions. They also highlighted areas of the design that could be altered what would make for a more efficient and saleable plan while not affecting the approved Development Application.

The review gave me the information I needed to approach my contractor tighten up the price, remove the highlighted risk items and save thousands off the project build cost. I highly recommend using Projective DM."