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Build well, Build easy, BuildSmart

Our toolkits and mentorship packages make building easy and profitable

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You Can Build

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That’s right — YOU.

Our Toolkits and Mentorship Packages give you the tools you need to tackle any project confidently.

Whether you are building a new house, renovating or extending an existing one, we provide the training to take your building project from overwhelming to manageable.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help you own your building process. Build Smart Projective’s home building mentorship and training give you tools you can trust to make your build profitable, manageable, and enjoyable.

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What You'll Have Access to

The Home Building Masterclass provides coaching and training, coupled with accountability and support through the full implementation process.


You'll be placed in 1 of 3 tracks in the program as agreed upon by your coach. You'll have specific milestones and reports, there'll be no hiding as we'll know if you aren't participating.


Weekly strategic coaching with head coach Gareth and the team. Monthly accountability coaching with your assigned coach.

Membership portal

24/7 online access to templates, guides, checklists, audio and video content, printables and downloads.

Systems & processes

You'll have access to our systems, processes and infrastructure to keep your project on track. We'll also help you to create a plan, filling in any gaps.

award-winning team

You'll have access to award-winning architects, builders, design managers and property consultants to help you in your build. Ask questions and get feedback.

supportive community

Surround yourself with a focused, driven and supportive community of homebuilders. Build referral partnerships along with competitions and giveaways.


Start here

BuildSmart Toolkit

The BuildSmart Toolkit gives you a clear project timeline with the key milestones and tried and tested tracking tools to enable you to track and manage the progress of your build and avoid all the pitfalls of building. 

Home Building Masterclass

The Home Building Masterclass is a customised mentorship for 12 months that includes weekly coaching by an award-winning team, access to templates, guides, checklists and more to ensure your build is on track.

Plan Review

Based on your brief we’ll have our professionals review your designs for: functionality – fit for purpose – buildability – omissions and often provide further design options. Saving you time and money by getting the design right the first time.

"I used BuildSmart Projective to undertake a plan and contract review for the four houses I am developing.

Without their input I would have been exposed to thousands in costs that I was not even aware of. They highlighted numerous issues with my plans and contract from inconsistencies to omissions. They also highlighted areas of the design that could be altered what would make for a more efficient and saleable plan while not affecting the approved Development Application.

The review gave me the information I needed to approach my contractor tighten up the price, remove the highlighted risk items and save thousands off the project build cost"

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