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Reduce risks and save $10's of thousands on your new build home or renovation, in just 4 days.

if we don’t reduce your risks and find ways to save you money on your new build home or renovation we will give you, your money back!


Get your 100% FREE no obligations PROJECT INCLUSIONS REVIEW and we’ll highlight the risks, missing contract items and give you that peace of mind that you sign a contract that protects you and your project.

Due to demand we can only do 3 free reviews per week and the offer is only available in January in WA. 

WARNING! Watch this video before you sign your building contract!!!

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Dear Home Builder, Renovator,

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Ready to save money and reduce risk? Click on your preferred package bellow to get started.

Imagine what it would be like to build or renovate your home without having to worry about the process, risks and costs. 

You’d have more free time…you’d feel secure that your project was on a sound footing…you wouldn’t have to spend weekends and evenings worrying about the project endlessly…you’d finally be able to ‘switch off’ and actually enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

In the last few months, with the Government Building Grants, we met clients with shocking stories. Clients being pushed to the edge and persuaded into signing Building Contracts too soon, without being given the time to analyse the proposals. Clients asked to transfer the building grants money to the builders directly; clients asked to put down vast amounts of money as commitment fees and more.

Stop the alarming stories and stop the stress and frustration of trying to guess how to make sure your project goes to plan with reduced risk and reduced costs and put our proven process to the test. 

Our strategies have saved clients $10’s of thousands on their projects and months and months of stress. 

This isn’t a niche strategy; we’ve successfully deployed these strategies across all types of houses, renovations, extensions and also large-scale projects in over 300 projects. Using our experience in architecture, construction, design management and project management to help hundreds of clients successfully deliver their projects. 

Sounds hard to believe but it’s true. In fact, we’re so confident that we can help reduce the risk of your project and save you money that we’ll even guarantee results – if we don’t find any ways to reduce your risk or save you money on your project we will refund you 100%.


Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 45 minutes strategy session call  and we’ll show you how you can reduce risk, save money, reduce stress and deliver your new build home, renovation or extension. 

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What you get in your 45 min strategy session

    Yes! I want a $900 personal new home build, renovation or extension strategy session, for free.

    Here’s how it works. 

3 most common items overlooked in contracts that can cost you thousands

3 simple ways to reduce your risks and save $1000's on your project

are you paying too much money for your project-
a ready reckoner

home design, building strategies and options to fit your plans and maximise investment

The chance to ask our experts questions about your project, worries and fears

a team with over 30 years experience with over 300 projects completed successfully


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If you want a fully comprehensive project review before you commit to signing a contract with your chosen builder, this is the right package for you. You will receive a full report on your design package and contract documentation that you can take to your builder and put yourself in a position to negotiate.  


We will save you money and reduce your risks or YOUR MONEY BACK!!!


Avoid costly omissions in your contract documents, save money and stress less by allowing our team to help. Our professionals will provide  a full report on the contract documents issued to you by your proposed builder before you sign them.


We will save you money and reduce your risks or YOUR MONEY BACK!!!


Based on your brief, we’ll have our professionals review your designs for functionality – fit for purpose – buildability – omissions-cost savings and risks  and often provide further design options. Saving you time and money by getting the design right the first time.


We will save you money and reduce your risks or YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

"I used BuildSmart Projective to undertake a plan and contract review for the four houses I am developing.

Without their input I would have been exposed to thousands in costs that I was not even aware of. They highlighted numerous issues with my plans and contract from inconsistencies to omissions. They also highlighted areas of the design that could be altered what would make for a more efficient and saleable plan while not affecting the approved Development Application.

The review gave me the information I needed to approach my contractor tighten up the price, remove the highlighted risk items and save thousands off the project build cost"

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